Friday, November 26, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!
There's a party in my city! Well, LA, so close enough I guess

The day had arrived!!! Yo Gabba day. OMG, Georgie had been looking forward to this for weeks and weeks. After taking the world's shortest nap we headed into LA. Since it was the day after Thanksgiving the traffic was light. Bobby drove us but skipped the concert and hung out at ESPN Live instead. Lucky dog. He watched the Laker game from an electric recliner and ate nachos while he waited for us!

G could hardly contain herself she was so happy to be at the concert. She told me she was going to dance and sing and boy did she. She has her little moves which primarily consist of jumping up and down repeatedly then wiggling her booty for awhile and then taking a bow! So cute! We were lucky to score some super close seats that were on the aisle so she had plenty of space to dance and hop around.

After the show they had a Gabba party with the characters. They had some toys and snacks but G liked the most was that the floor was literally covered with balloons. She had so much fun throwing them in the air and then running around catching them. Who would guess that something so simple could make her so happy.

By the end, we were both pretty exhausted. Luckily we thought ahead this time and brought G some jammies. She fell fast asleep within a few minutes of getting into the car and didn't even move when Bobby put her in bed. She definitely got all her sillies out!

All dressed up and waiting to go!

I loved this set. It was so cute. We must have had 100 people stop us while we were at the concert and ask where we got it. The lady who made it did such an awesome job. All those characters are hand pieced applique. Adorable!

It was our first time to LA Live. Its pretty nice. We'll definitely have to go back there and check it out again sometime. G liked the cutouts they had set up on the way in.

G trying out her DJ Lance glasses. What a little cutie!

Enjoying a pre-show PB&J and being super silly.
Almost time!!!!!!!
Finally! They're on the stage!

At one point they dropped balloons, thousands of them! G took off to get one. Eeeek!!! I had to run after her, fast! Any thought of your mom must be long gone when there's a balloon at stake.
At some point they also dropped down streamers. Then G got the great idea to have me tie them onto the balloons. A balloon collection was in the works!

G trying to catch the bubbles they shot out from the stage
Jump, jump, wiggle, wiggle, repeat. This is actually the "hugging" song. I'd never heard it but G was obviously familiar with the moves.

DJ Lance singing the "goodbye" song.
At the after party. G played with this particular balloon, tossing it into the air and catching it, for about 10 mins. A few times it fell among a group of other blue balloons and G would inspect each one until she figured out which one was "hers." I have no idea how she was able to identify it as being different from the others. I'm obviously missing the balloon identification gene that G has been blessed with.G with the characters. I have to admit, other than Foofa (the pink one) I can't seem to remember their names. This is G with the blue one...
With the green one....
and the red one. This one looks like a hot dog with chicken pox to me!
The party had begun to wind down by this point. This was definitely one of G's favorite outings, ever! They took photos of both of us with the characters that will be available for download in a few days apparantly. Hopefully those come out ok.

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