Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks giving fairy
Tutu two year old continues, this time with G all dressed up as a fall fairy. OMG she loved this set. When it arrived she put the wings on and ran around the house waving the wand and saying "I love Tinkerbell!" She also spent a good bit of time pretending to fly by jumping as far as she could off the couch. B and C would never have been allowed to do this but I guess that's the joy of being the 3rd child :-)

G has gotten even more cooperative at the picture place and all the photogs (many of which have been there since our first sitting almost 2 yrs ago) have been amazed. Yes, practice makes perfect. And its nice because she really enjoys it. She's becoming quite the little ham. At home she likes to sing her little songs and dance for us then we applaud and she takes a bow. Still super shy with strangers though which is actually fine with me and I think fairly age appropriate.

She loves to dance so much that I've started asking her if maybe she'd like to take a dance class. She says yes but I don't think she really knows what "dance class" is. I've looked around just a teeny bit and it seems that most of the classes don't start until the kids are 3. For G that means in january so I was thinking that maybe after the first of the year we'll go take a look at a local one and see what she thinks of it. I'm hoping to find something very low key and fun with lots of movement.

Anyway, here she is!

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