Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two years ago... yesterday
was the first time we saw G's face. Referral day was September 29, 2008. Its funny because that day was so filled with emotion, at the time, it seemed like a blur. But now I remember it very clearly.

I went to work that morning not knowing for sure if our call would come that day or not. When I realized it was happening I rushed through my meeting and drove as quickly as possible back to my office to drop some things off. My intention was to go home and wait for the call. I'd only made it to my car when my cell rang, it was my agency. A few moments later I heard the words I'd been waiting years for... "you have a daughter" that's when I started to cry. They told me they'd email the pix and then I called Bobby and drove home. He still says he can't believe that I waited for him to get home before opening the email.

Seeing Georgie's picture for the first time was fantastic but so odd. Ta duh!!! this is your daughter. I know some people don't but I felt an immediate connection to her. If possible I would have jumped on a plane and flown to her that day. I wanted so badly to hold her and care for her. That day would come about 10 weeks later.

9/29/08... one of my all time best days EVER!

Referral pic, Georgiana about 7 mos old:
Georgiana today, 2 yrs, 9 mos:

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