Monday, September 27, 2010

We had dinner in the dining room each night. It was a really nice way to come together at the end of the day and so enjoyable. We had a super nice waiter and asst waiter who fawned all over G and were so nice to her. The maitre d sang Frank Sinatra songs each night and the waiters would dance on the tables and sing... it was fun! The food was really good too.

They had a kids' menu with the typical kid fare ie chicken nuggets and pizza but I just couldn't stand the thought of feeding G stuff like that with all the super yummy things that were available. I did give her a choice but she always chose an adult meal, usually shrimp. That kid loves shrimp! Our waiters were always pretty surprised at how much food G would eat, usually about half an adult plate plus milk and always cookies for dessert.

G wanted me to take pix of her food one night. She's so funny!
G with our assistant waiter, Webert, (yes, that's spelled right) from Haiti. He was funny and very energetic. We'd sometimes see him at breakfast too and he's always say to Georgie "cookies?? cookies??" and G would laugh and laugh.
G with our head waiter, Babelito from the Phillipines. He was the exact opposite of Webert, calm and very polite. He made G origami animals each evening. G actually tried making her own a few times and she'd call them houses. They were actually pretty good attempts, symmetrically folded. I wish I'd taken a picture.
Our ship held about 2400 passengers so probably like 600-800 families/groups. Interestingly enough, there seemed to be 3 China IA families including ours. One family I never met but the other family I saw a few times. One evening after dinner I got the courage to ask the man if the little girl was his daughter and if she'd been born in China. He seemed slightly leery until I told him I had a daughter from China too. We ended up agreeing to meet for breakfast on our at sea day. What a nice family! Of course conversation turned to what province our kids were from... both Jiangxi... then I asked which SWI and when they replied Zhangshu I thought my mouth was going to fall open. That's where G was as well! Zhangshu is a very small SWI and only completes about 20 adoptions a year, worldwide. The chances that we would find ourselves on the same ship was completely shocking to me. What a small world. In fact, I'd actually talked online with the mom a time or two through our SWI yahoo group. Crazy.
Here's a pic of Jose and Brenda with their beautiful Mary Rose. Just like us, Jose and Brenda have two older sons. We had lots in common.
G and Mary Rose were actually in Zhangshu together for about a monthG was very entertaining to the other passengers. You could pretty much catch her song and dance act at any time day or night. She would walk down the halls of the ship or through the lobby singing her little songs and doing her little dances. This made her quite a celebrity on the ship to say the least.
G in one of the shops. She saw the microphone and got really excited! She sang and sang along with the music that was playing while I checked out the Tanzanite jewelry!On the staircase in the lobby with daddy. The lobby decoration reminded me of something you'd see in Vegas, in a good way.So cute!
The trip home kinda sucked. Several hours of layover and our connection in Dallas was over an hour late but we finally made it home. The only bad thing was having to get up early the next day and pack up Brett and Casey and drive them to school.
Overall, the whole vacation was awesome! I'd give it a 9.5 with the half point deduction for heat/humidity at WDW. I loved it so much, I'm already planning our next vacation!

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