Friday, September 10, 2010

Redeeming myself:
Yes, I know, I'm a bad blogger. Things have been so crazy the last several weeks that I haven't felt I had the time to blog. We've been busy having tons of fun though! I was off for a week during which G and I did lots of fun things together. If I have time I'll post about that later. But, here's the big news. The Crowell family is on vacation. First a week at Disney World and then next week a cruise.

I've taken literally hundreds of pix this week. Here are several of my fav's so far.

We started the week off with a character breakfast at the Disney Contemporary Resort. Chef Mickey is super fun. Funny story, we actually had reservations for another restaraunt. That morning we were running late and accidentally ended up going to the wrong hotel. When we walked in, I realized my mistake and my heart sunk. I originally had a reservation there but had changed it weeks ago. I took a chance, checked in, and luckily they still had my original reservation in their computer!! It was a great time. G loves the characters and had lots of fun.

I look a little overly happy in this picture but its the best one of my and G

Monday was Labor Day. The crowd levels at Disney were supposed to be high so we decided to go to Gatorland which was actually really neat. G liked it a lot. After a few hours though, the humidity really starts to get to us all.
With Casey and the birds.
In the aviary with G. You could buy popsicle sticks with some kind of bird feed stuck to them that the birds really went for. G liked the birds a lot. Sitting on a real gator with Daddy. You can't tell in this one too much but the gator's mouth is taped. G was really excited about doing this but by the time it was her turn she was getting tired and grouchy.
You can see in this one, with Casey, the tape on the gator's mouth.
Brett's turned out the best I think.
There are all these gated areas filled with gators. These are the baby ones. The older ones are huge! Some of them weighed over 1000 lbs and were 13 feet long! We fed them turkey dogs. Wish I would have remembered to pick some up at the store on our way in (I'd read that hint on tripadvisor) they charged $5 for 3 hotdogs thereOur first day at Disney. We went to Animal Kingdom. Very cool place (actually hotter than the hinges of Hades but you know what I mean, right? This was also Brett's 22nd birthday!!! Happy birthday baby boy. We did a character breakfast there too at the Tusker House restaurant. They brought Brett a cupcake with a candle and a button for him to wear that said "Today is my birthday" Brett wore it all day, somewhat begrudgingly, and was wished a "Happy Birthday" by dozens of cast members throughout the day. I thought it was cute, Brett found it tiresome after awhile.With my beautiful little girl!
The safari ride was good. There were a lot of animals and they were mostly very close. G really enjoyed it.
This is Devine. She's a character that looks like a plant. She walks around. Very hard to get a picture of due to crowds around her but I thought this was a good picture of her face.
Brett and Casey with the crazy guy, hahaha!
G had to sit on this elephant. There's a petting zoo there. As usualy, G could have hung out with the goats all day. It was wayyyy too hot for that so I dragged her away after about 10 mins. This is G giving the goat a kiss. The characters are very accessible. They are everywhere which makes G really happy.Next day, Magic Kingdom. It really feels like you're at Disneyland which I have been to hundreds of times. I grew up in Anaheim. But, G has never been so it was all new to her. She loved the rides and the characters. The lines were basically non-existent. I don't think we waited more than 5 mins to go on anything all day. The longest lines were for character visits with the fairies (1 hour) and Woody and Buzz. But, after having a pretty miserable experience at the Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast, I complained to the manager and he gave me a handful of special fastpasses called "no strings" which we could use for any attraction to go straight to the front of the line! Very handy for the fairies and Woody visits! Now I know how celebrities feel :-)
On Dumbo with daddy:
With the princesses at the castle. It really was miserable. They skipped us and then it took them forever to fix the problem and then they gave us a really crappy table after we'd missed half the show. The good thing was that G was completely oblivious to the fact that anything was wrong. She ate, eventually visited with the princesses and had a great time wearing her Cinderella princess outfit.
In front of the "Liberty Bell" in Liberty Square right across from the Hall of Presidents exhibit. I kind of forced the family to go see the presidents. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid at Disneyland (my mom used to force me to go too :-) It was interesting to see it with all the new presidents (including Obama front and center). It was near the end of the day, dark and cool. G fell asleep which was a relief since she foungt it for so long. Thanks to our super fastpasses, G was able to see woody and jessie. Fortunate for her because I would have never stood in the sun for an hour (the line went all the way around the Splash Mountain ride!!!)
Brett rode Alladin's Carpets with G. I don't think they have this ride at Disneyland but they might, I haven't been in a long time. Its just like Dumbo so G loved it! I think they actually may have ridden it twice in a row. There was no line so you could just stay on the rides sometimes.At Pixie Hollow. Again, we used our super fast pass to avoid the 60 minute wait time. G really liked the fairies... mommy did too!
The Monster Inc show was really cute! Its an interactive comedy thing where the animated monsters are up on the screen and they have actual conversations with the audience and make jokes. Very creative and funnier than I would have expected. Bobby ended up being chosen as the main person, out of the 100s of people in the audience, they featured so his face was shown up on the big screen about a half dozen times. Each time G would yell "there's daddy on TV!!
Day 4 was Epcot. Epcot was the park I was most looking forward to primarily because I could never get through my head what it was all about. So far its been my favorite because its so different from any other theme park I've been to. Epcot is huge so we decided to break it up into two days. On the first day we did the left side of the park --its broken up into east and west but for the life of my I have no idea what direction the "left" side is.
Test Track is really fun. We did rider swap but, again, there was no line. Brett and Casey ended up riding 4 times in a row without every getting out of the car! Twice with Bobby and then twice with me.
At the Epcot Character Spot. You wait in one line (one of the longest of our day at about 10 mins) and they have all the characters lined up so you can see them one after another! G was in heaven!
Bobby, G and I did another character meal at the Akershus in Norway. Fortunately this was a much better experience than the day before. G adored Belle and the food was really good. I love this picture of G with Belle. I think its just beautiful and of course G looked lovely in her Snow White tutu costume. With Snow White. I got the impression that not a lot of the girls dress up as Snowy. Everyone just raved about G's princess outfits. Even the photopass photogs were very complimentary which I thought was something considering they look at little girls in assorted princess dresses all day long. G felt very pretty wearing them.
By this point in time G had gotten very good at posing with the characters and it really shows in the quality of the pix which was nice for mommy!
With Ariel, not one of G's favorites.
In front of a viking statue in Norway outside the restaraunt. G just loves her brothers and they love her so much. This picture really captures that I think.
With Mulan in the China pavillion. G showed Mulan her shirt and told her "I was a baby in China." Mulan was so sweet to Georgie and spent about 5 mins talking and playing with her. G actually got a bit shy but she enjoyed it very much. I don't think the people waiting in line behind us were quite as thrilled by the amount of time Mulan spent with Georgie but I can tell you that I really appreciated it. No photopass photog with Mulan though, I guess she's not that popular. Too bad. I like that Mulan is a warrior princess... she's tough. She's actually my second favorite. I've always liked Belle, she's smart and likes to read!

G in front of the terra cotta warriors exhibit. It made me regret once again the fact that Bobby and I didn't make it to Xian when we were there. I can't wait to return to China with G someday.

More to come....

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