Monday, July 26, 2010

Circus day, part 2
After a well deserved nap we did a walk around the neighborhood. Grabbed the camera and got some cute pix of G in her circus outfit. I cannot even tell you how much she loved wearing this set. I think it might be her fav so far.

G encountered this super long worm and was fascinated. She really wanted to pick it up but got scared every time it wiggled.
This is her "scared" face
Second attempt but still too scared. In my effort to avoid G turning into a prissy girl, I played brave and picked up the worm... but then it wiggled A LOT and I dropped it. So much for that lesson in bravery :-)Again, the "ta-duhhh!!!" pose

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KHM said...

Do you know how cute she is?

Yea, I guess you probably do.

So sweet to see them growing up.