Friday, July 09, 2010

Georgie V. 2.5 and July 4th re-do
OK, first things first. We had our July Tutu pic redone because I just did not like the first ones much at all. We had a much better day today, G had lots more fun and it really showed. I love these new pix so much, they better represent the real Georgie. So cute! This one has just a hint of tutu under the skirt... still counts right?

Next, Georgiana was exactly 2 yrs, 6 mos old on 7/7/10! Georgiana Version 2.5 has all the same features as the earlier versions but with some significant improvements ;-)

I can't believe how she's grown. She is a happy, joyful little girl who --although smack dab in the middle of her Terrific Twos --seldom has a bad moment. I say moment because that's what they are. Every once in awhile she'll be exasperating or uncooperative but then, after some correction --sometimes a hug, sometimes a 2 min timeout--she's done. She sleeps well, eats like a trucker, runs and plays and loves to laugh. She's taken to random screeching lately which just cracks me up because it comes out of no where then she'll laugh like there's no tomorrow. What a goof!

Georgie loves to do crafts and will happily sit and draw or color for an hour or so. She loves it! Give her some markers, stickers and scissors and maybe some glue and she's a happy camper. She's really not that great at using scissors --no matter how many types we try she just can't get them open without using both hands --but she loves them just the same.

Her vocabulary continues to amaze me. She's become quite adept at expressing herself. We recently began talking about opposites ie up/down, on/off and within a week or two she came up with some completely on her own "open/closed, that's opposite mama" or the other day when she was putting some frozen french toast sticks on her plate she said it was "coooollld" and gave a little fake shiver. I said "its cold? what's the opposite of cold?" she thought for just a second and proclaimed "cold, hot, opposites!" uh, yeah, that's right. We gets me is that's not one we've ever talked about, she's just picked up on the concept.

This kid amazes me at least once every day. Yesterday, she was sitting on my lap facing me as I chatted with her babysitter. I looked down and noticed that she was buttoning my blouse... regular small shirt buttons and she was doing a pretty quick job of it too! Tonight she was in the bath tub with some kind of tub crayon, as I read a book she was happily drawing around the side of the tub when she said "C, cuh." When I looked inside the tub, sure enough, she'd drawn a C. Then she proceeded to do a few more letters. I was super surprised. We talk about her letters regularly and she knows them by sight but we've never written them. She truly amazes me.

She loves to sing and does so with gusto. She rarely uses the correct lyrics and often smushes the words of several songs together to create her own song. She likes to do puzzles, which she's so bad at it makes me laugh, although I'm sure someday she'll get the hang of it. She loves for me to paint her nails (we use a pink so light its almost imperceptible to anyone else), curl her hair, and choose earrings and bracelets that match each day's clothing. She's very girly but doesn't seem at all prissy which is good because I find prissy kind of annoying.
I know I say it all the time but she's just awesome!!

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