Monday, July 26, 2010

Circus fun!
G was really stoked about going to the circus. We'd been talking about it for awhile so she had some idea of what to expect. Leading up to the big day I'd ask her "G, what are we going to see at the circus?" she'd answer "elephants and monkeys and lions and clowns." I have no idea where she came up with the monkeys and lions part. I looked at the website for Ringling Bros and it seemed pretty clear that there would be no monkeys or lions but that's what she was expecting.

I hadn't been to a Ringling Bros circus since I was a little kid. Overall I think it was a great show--awesome pre-show when the kids could interact with the clowns, wonderful costumes and the elephants were fantastic. The only disappointment was the tigers who other than standing on some little platforms didn't do too much although they were super pretty. There was an interesting assortment of animals including llamas, donkeys, ponies and exactly 1 dog. There was also a sphere of death thing with 7 motorcycles all driving in circles inside a giant metal ball. That was Bobby's favorite part for sure. Even without lions and monkeys though, G had a GREAT time dancing to the music and waving at the clowns. It was a fun day.

The only bummer was that my pix really suck. I had my flash turned off on my camera and for some reason didn't even notice it wasn't going off (insert me smacking myself on the forehead here). So, all the pix are blurry and a little dark. Again, bummer but whatcha gonna do??

These first few pix are at the preshow. We got there early so G would have time to hang out with the clowns a bit. Again, she was not afraid at all and totally LOVED the clowns.

They were giving away these little red clown noses bringng Bobby's inner clown to light!
The requisite man on stilts.

This is G's newest photo pose... its always accompanied with a "ta-duhhhh!!!!"

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