Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Night in Rancho
About a month ago, I went with my mom to a fundraiser dinner for the local senior center. They were raising money to help fund the transportation program. Its a great program that our city provides and without it many seniors wouldn't be able to get to doctor's appointments, etc. Its a nice little affair they do annually.

Anyway, they always have lots of items for a silent auction and a few bigger things for the live auction. Sadly, this year the turnout was a bit light and the live auction wasn't garnering as much interest as in the past. I was chatting with my mom as they were describing a package. All I heard was "blah, blah... tickets, blah, blah, picture package, blah, blah, dinner at the local nicer italian place." In hopes of spurring some interest I thought I'd bid on the item... you know how it works at an auction, if a couple people bid it makes people more comfortable to jump in there. So I bid, was outbid and then bid once more...then heard "going once, going twice, sold!!! Huh??? What did I buy???

As it turns out I won an evening in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, a specific evening June 5, 2010. This included: a night at a local hotel, a manicure, haircut and style at a salon, dinner at the new italian place at the mall, 2 tickets to see Air Supply, a limo to drive us around, and a photographer to be our own private paparazzi for the evening to record for all eternity the fun we would have! Wow!!! As I later found out, besides the photographer, we would also be followed around by a videographer who would be getting footage to create a 3 minute promotional video for the city. Oh boy, you don't say... someone to take my pic?? Eeek. I hate having my picture taken.

Anyway, Bobby and I decided that he would stay home with G (we've never left G in the evening and didn't feel this was the right time) and I would take my mom. We got our nails and hair done --yes, there is now video in existence to record for all eternity my hair being washed... and then went home to get dressed. Soon, our limo arrived to drive us the two miles to the local mall. For future reference: if you ever alight from a limo in front of the movie theater at the Victoria Gardens Mall while being followed by a picture snapping photog and a guy with a video camera, expect to be noticed and stared at A LOT!!! We had a super nice dinner (I have proof, there are pix and video of me eating!) and then returned to our limo to be chauffeured to the cultural center (it was actually only about a block but they took the long way around so it made it seem farther).

Then we saw Air Supply... before that evening, the only thing I could remember about them was that it was two blond guys and the lyrics "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you..." But, they were actually quite good. The lead singer sounded EXACTLY like he did 25 yrs ago. Impressive! We had awesome seats in about the 8th row (not that there's really a bad seat in the Lewis Family Playhouse with its capacity of only 536). I was really surprised by how many hit songs they had. It really brought back the high school memories! My mom wasn't familiar with their music but seemed to enjoy it just the same. During one song, the singers walked through the audience and women (now in their 40s but reliving their high school crushes I guess) came out and hugged them. It was really funny!

I felt kind of silly wandering the streets of Rancho with my little entourage but decided to just go with it and it turned out great! The whole thing was a bit cheesy really but it turned out to be a fun and very memorable evening spent with mom.

Me and my mom getting our nails done. Ahhh, pedicure, my fav!

I went for a soft mauve, my mom... she went all out, red nails with flowers and little crystals! At the drying station

Just two hot ladies getting ready for a night on the town!

At the hair place. I like this pic because I never get to see the back of my hair. She did a good job!I like this picture of my mom
Our limo awaits! This picture is out of order. They made us go in and out of the house and the car a few times. I know, can you believe it took several "takes" to get this shot??
In our limosine. Can you believe, a bottle of wine, vodka, etc... no water. So thirsty. But, we weren't in there long. Its only about 2 miles to the playhouse.
At the restaraunt. The food was really good. We had a traditional style antipasto, angel hair pasta with shrimp and the most wonderful breadsticks. Yum!
In front of the playhouse where we saw Air Supply. They didn't want our camera crew taking pix of us inside.


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