Monday, June 07, 2010

When I chose this outfit for G's May pictures, I had in mind rainbows because of all the rain and gloomy weather we'd been experiencing. Super unusual for our area of the country. Its usually hot, hot, hot near the end of may. But, when it all came together, it seemed to be an homage to Madonna....right down to the rolling around on the floor! My little 80's girl. G loved this outfit and she loved her sparkly wand.

I love her pretty little face!

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Christy said...

OK, those pics cant be any cuter!!! She is just precious-- love it!!

I read your last post about the attention you get with G and I agree and get the same with Mia. Most of the time it is positive and people are sweet, but you do get the idiots that say stupid things without thinking. We do stand out and will always stand out- especially when we get Finley home- 2 Asian girls- wow!!! But, right now Im fine with the comments but there will be a time when mia gets uncomfy with it and that is when I will shy away from the attention.

Anyway, totally get what you were saying!

Christy :)