Sunday, June 13, 2010

G's drawing
We're going to a birthday party this afternoon for a one year old who recently joined his family!! G's been super excited singing the "Happy Birthday" song dozens of times per day for over a week in preparation for the event. My girl loves a party!

I always let G decorate the cards with her "drawings." Her efforts have been improving over the course of the last few weeks from scribbles to something that looks more intentional. The card background was blue and she used blue colored pencils so I had to find a setting on photobucket that would make it show up. As it turned out the Pop Art setting made the drawing more visible than the rest... she only drew one little man of course but here is the Warhol-esque version:
I was pretty impressed! She drew the face, eyes and mouth without any prodding. Then I asked her "do you want to give hime some legs?" which she attached to the bottom of the head, arms (coming out the head of course) and hair (I love that its so spikey!!). Super cool!!!

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