Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beach Day...
with daddy!! Bobby had the day off yesterday and decided to have a daddy/daughter beach trip. I loved the idea. Bobby was a bit apprehensive worrying that it might be difficult to get G and all the needed beach stuff set up alone. His worries were for naught as he admitted it was easier than expected. G had a great time but I think Bobby was even more excited about the day. They spent several hours playing in the sand, catching sand crabs and splashing, splashing, splashing. G slept REALLY well that night. I was just glad Bobby used the camera I sent him with. I think there will be more daddy/daughter beach days in the near future!!

All decked out and ready to go!

Georgie's "cheese" smile
Beach babe!
Enjoying the waves

Getting super sandy and always with her mouth wide open!!!
I love this pose. So cute!!
Bobby said when they came home Georgie kept wanting to play "sleep" --a game where she pretends she's sleeping. I think he caught her mid snore... she must have learned that from watching Bobby sleep ;-)

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