Monday, May 10, 2010

What a weekend!!
Georgie is officially 28 mos old! She continues to grow and learn at an amazing rate. Her biggest improvement in the last month has been her ability to communicate. She's started piecing 2 or 3 sentences of 6-8 words together to get her thoughts across. She understands the concept of why/because and can answer those types of questions. Example: "Georgie, why are the trees moving?" ... "Because the wind is blowing them" or when looking at pix in a book "Georgie, how does Curious George feel?" "He feels sad" "why is he sad?" "Because he is lost. Can't find man in the yellow hat" stuff like that. We've been working on counting items and she's getting the hang of that.

She still likes to color and do playdoh and draw on her easel. But her favorite activity is going for walks in the neighborhood and hunting for bugs, seeds and leaves she finds interesting. She's quite observant and will walk along slowly looking at the ground and the bushes searching for some poor little bug to pick up on her stick. Special leaves and seeds are gathered and brought home. She has quite the collection of finds on the ping pong table in the garage at any given time!

She's tons of fun!

It was also Mother's Day of course. Saturday night I went to a dinner auction with my mom to support a local organization. They had a live auction. In an effort to raise the price of one of the final items, I bid, then won! Eeek. It turns out that the package was something I hadn't expected but sounds like a hoot! More on that in the weeks to come.

Sunday morning started bright and early with a happy Georgie kiss, hug and "happy mother's day!!" Awesome! Then I was off to enjoy a nice brunch (again at the Mission Inn) with my mom. The food, of course, fantastic and it was great to spend some one on one time with my mom just chatting. Again, awesome!

Came home to find a nice bouquet of flowers and Georgie presented me with my gift she made at the babysitter. ADORABLE!! Its one of my favorite parts of having a toddler, the holiday projects. Love them!! I knew something was in the works a few days earlier after I asked G what she'd done at the babysitter's that day and she told me that she'd "painted blue" and "picked flowers" but "don't tell mommy" hahaha! Got a hug and a sincere "I love you" from Casey and a nice call from Brett who couldn't make it home this weekend to round out the day. After G had a little dinner (I was still full from breakfast!) we went for one of our walks and I got to take some pix of my beautiful little G.

It was a great weekend! These are my flowers, a nice card and hot tamale cotton candy. Bobby knows I love, love, love cotton candy and anything hot and spicy. Voila! the perfect snack!
G with the gift she made for me. She was very proud!
Close up view. As you can see, the pot is painted blue and apparantly G picked the colors of the flowers and the stickers for the pot... "don't tell mommy" cracks me up every time!
Going on a bug hunt. G found this huge grasshopper (think 4 inches long or so) and kept tickling it with her stick to make it jump then she'd laugh and laugh. After a bit we told her she had to find another bug to torture.
The insect hunter with her septar

The sky was so beautiful I had to take a pic. See the clouds??? Silver lining!

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