Thursday, April 29, 2010

Travel Town, Los Angeles
I'm always looking for new things to do with Georgie on the weekends. If there's a train involved, that's a bonus. So searching around on the net I came across Travel Town in Griffith Park. Its a park with antique train displays. Pretty good way to kill a couple hours with a little kid. Another bonus... admission and parking are free! G loved climbing around on all the old trains and riding the small one that circles the place saying "choo, choo" over and over. I liked watching her smile as she enjoyed the trains.

We were going to hit Pinks (famous hot dog place in hollywood) afterwards. But, when we went by the line was all the way around the building and I figured it would take almost an hour. Standing in line for an hour to eat a hot dog just seemed wrong so we skipped it. Its still on my list of things to do but next time we're going to have to pick a less popular time.

Train display at entry:
Peering out the window, waving to mommy. The trains are huge. I guess I never realized how big they were until I stood next to one. No steps to get in either, you had to climb a ladder.
G was pretending she was a choo choo while she walked around this little painted track. It didn't seem that exciting to me but it must have been great fun for a two year old --there were several other toddlers doing the exact same thing. Too funny!
On the choo choo with daddy

Checking out some of the equipment in one of the engines.

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