Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Weekend: Part 3
Brunch again. This time with my mom at the Mission Inn in Riverside. I'd been there a few times before for lunches (mostly business) but had never been for their sunday brunch which I'd always heard it was super nice. Reservations for holidays like easter and mother's day are taken months in advance. I was a slacker and never got around to making reservations but, through some fast talking on the phone with the reservation people saturday night, I was able to score us a table even though they'd been turning people away for a couple weeks!!

Well, the stories were true. The place did not disappoint. The food and surroundings were lovely. The Mission Inn is a very old and beautiful hotel dripping with spanish style plantings and fountains. There are even parrots at the entrance to greet guests. For Easter they had a bunny who greeted the kids and passed out cute little baskets. As always, G loved the bunny and would get super excited when she saw him at various times throughout the morning.

We sat inside the main dining room of Duane's (very old school with big leather chairs, lots of woodwork, oil paintings and silk draperies). It was very posh but knowing what I know now, I would choose to sit in the patio on such a beautiful spring day --not complaining, just planning for next time :-)

This is G with the bunny. I always find it surprising that she has no fear of these giant stuffed things. You can see the cute baskets they were giving out to the kids.
G in a serious moment in front of the ironwork. G loved wearing her dress again --same one she wore for the bunny pix at the mall. It has a little petticoat underneath it that makes it flare out that way. Great for twirling which G tried a few times!
G was a perfect angel at the restaraunt which was impressive because we were there for almost 2.5 hours! She ate --I'm not even sure how many strawberries my little girl put away --laughed, drew and looked around hoping to spy the bunny. I brought this little drawing thing for her to keep her busy. I thought it used the kind of markers that only mark on the paper and not on other things but.... I was wrong. Instead they were the most deadly, messy markers I've ever come across. I thought for sure her dress was a goner but as luck would have it, it remained unscathed!!! Can't really say the same for the tablecloth though. It was so marked up they probably had to throw it away when we left.... ooops.

After a breakfast of strawberries with whipped cream, G wanted dessert. What better dessert could there be than strawberries with chocolate! G was fascinated by the chocolate fountain and wanted so much to do it herself. I just couldn't imagine that turning out well. Here she is carrying her prized strawberry back to the table.

Not to be outdone, Bobby enjoyed a little chocolate of his own!

This is G enjoying the parrots. They were quite entertaining screeching "bye bye" etc. Every few minutes they'd start fighting which G thought was hysterical. There was quite a crowd of people around watching G interact with the birds. She was really into it!!

G and my mom out front on the way out. G really wanted to sit on this canon. I have no idea why there are canons there but they make really great climbing toys as well as unique photo props!

After the morning's fun, we came home and G had a nice long nap. When she woke up it was windy so we went to the park and flew a kite!!! G held on the kite for a few mins but then lost interest preferring to go run barefoot in the sand instead.

It was an almost perfect day marred only by Brett and Casey's absence.

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