Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Weekend: Part 2
After we got home from the Arboretum, the drive home being the day's only nap, it was time to decorate some eggs. Deciding to forego a big mess, I decided to do the same spinning thing we did last year. G was better at pushing the button to spin the egg and really enjoyed picking colors to use!
G with her egg creations!
This picture cracks me up. Its G holding the bunch of carrots that daddy brought home so we could leave one out for the bunny. She was doing her fake sad face. She loves to stuff her little lip out and say "sad" then she starts laughing like a hyena. Its a weird little game she's come up with but quite entertaining. G decided that the bunny needed two carrots... uh, ok.
Easter morning just coming downstairs with daddy and seeing her big basket!!
G's basket... these were Brett and Casey's baskets when they were younger so they've been around a good long while. The bunny brought Georgie several coloring books (G loves to color!), assorted little bracelets and rings, a magnifying glass, sticker books, scissors (which G has been dying for), bunny ears, sunglasses, and a Madame Alexander fairy doll. G discovers that the bunny has eaten the carrots she left for him... silly bunny!
G sporting her new How to Train a Dragon sunglasses
Showing off her prized scissors
G loved "hunting" and finding the eggs. "Hunting" because they were pretty much just laying on the couch and floor in full view.
Each egg contained 2 m&ms. Once G figured out there was candy inside, she started opening each one as she found them and popping the candy into her mouth. Yummmm, candy for breakfast!!!
G with her haul!

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Jen said...

Leaving the bunny a plate of carrots- how cute!