Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Weekend: Part 1
We started off saturday morning at the LA Arboretum. They were having a super fun Beatrix Potter themed event including an egg hunt and planting activities in addition to the beautiful gardens and, G's favorite!!! the peacocks. First we enjoyed a really nice brunch at the cafe on the grounds. After that we moved on to the hunt. For some reason, G got herself into a little mood and didn't want to pick up the eggs. I'm not sure why exactly. I'm not even sure if she didn't want to pick them up or she was unhappy because they didn't have anything inside them. (The kids were supposed to collect them and then trade them for a prize at the end). After a few mins though, G decided that picking up the eggs wasn't so bad afterall.

This is Bobby trying to explain the egg hunt to her.... you can see, she doesn't look terribly convinced.
G very carefully inspecting the eggs to determine whether or not they were acceptable to place into her basket. She literally walked past, over and on dozens of eggs and then would all of a sudden decide to pick one up!
Georgie loved the peacocks, they actually didn't love her so much I don't think. They're amazingly quick moving though and G wasn't able to bother them too much even though she desperately wanted to pet them.
G with the flower she planted. The dress she's wearing is a beautifully smocked Strasburg that I bought for her about a year before we received our referral. I had actually forgotten all about it and came across it in her closet a few days before this. She looked lovely, imo, and she was really comfortable. But, its kind of funny that she was doing her little gardening activity in her fancy schmancy dress. The look on her face in this pic cracks me up!
G with daddy in the gardens. It was so beautiful that day, 70 degrees, clear blue skies and all the spring flowers in the garden in bloom. A perfect 10!

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