Wednesday, March 31, 2010

has to keep these band aid companies in business! G is certainly doing her part. She's a little OCD about any sort of scab and/or scratch on her body. If she happens to notice that she has a tiny little cut, she'll point it out to us and poke at it over and over saying "ouchie, I need a bandaid" until we give in and get her one. Hey, they're cheap and they make her happy but she always has at least 2 bandaids on her body at any give time.

Here she is pointing out her "injuries"
As we were taking pix, G noticed this little imperfection on her elbow and said with a concerned face "ooooh, ouchie mommy, need bandaid" too funny!
I've been taking lots of sort of random pix of G's cute little hands and feet. They're just so cute I want to eat them right up!!!

My sweet baby. I love her so!

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