Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Rider
G got this cute little Ni Hao Kai Lan trike for Christmas. Bobby pushed her around in the house some but she didn't really have the coordination to pedal. I finally decided to take it outside and see how she did. At first G said "push me" which was fine for a minute or so then, you know, not so much fun for mom. G finally figured out she could get herself going pretty quickly by just walking her feet along while she sat. If she was going downhill she did a bit better on the pedaling but its definitely not a skill she's mastered. Oh well, good thing she has lots of time to learn!

These little walks we go on take a LONG time. Its a great way to while away an hour or so. We don't cover a lot of ground but we have lots of fun discovering leaves and bugs. G has to stop at every house and go pick some of their flowers. Good thing my neighbors don't mind. At least I don't think they mind, maybe they're just not home!!!

Anyway, G's perception of a beautiful flower worth picking is sometimes a little different than other peoples.... given the choice between a flower in full bloom and a completely spent flower a few inches away, G seems to always choose the flower that looks like a stick. Every once in a while she'll choose one with petals. My beautiful silly girl.
Showing me her flower. Yeah, she got one with petals!
Poor G, the sun was in her eyes. She loves her trike though!

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Shanley said...

No wonder they don't mind, she'd deadheading their flowers, nice!