Monday, March 08, 2010

G is 2 years, 2 mos, 2 days old
Once again, I can't believe how quickly time has passed! Baby G is now 26 mos old. She's so beautiful and sweet and funny and smart and cute and energetic! She's quite the little chatter box these days. She's started saying some really funny things too. Like, the last few days, when you ask her something she'll respond "yum" instead of "yes" or "yeah" like she used to before. I don't know why. She's also renamed Bobby and me. Instead of calling us Mommy and Daddy like she used to we're now both referred to as "Moddy" sort of a combo name. So silly.

G really loves coloring. We'll often spend an hour or so coloring together when I come home from work. She holds crayons and pens with a proper grip and she makes a pretty good attempt to color things in. She doesn't seem too concerned with the lines yet--its more about completely covering the thing being colored --but I'm sure coloring in the lines will come with time. She still loves playdoh, and her legos and her puzzles. She knows all her capital letters by sight and maybe 1/4 of the lowercase letters. She usually knows all the sounds of the letters but still doesn't seem to have any concept of putting the letters together into words. She shocked me the other day. She was happily playing in her crib in the morning while I was getting ready and I was watching her on the monitor. Imagine my surprise when she sang the entire ABC song! I didn't even realize she knew it. I mean I've sung it for her lots and lots of times but she has never made an attempt to sing along with me that I recall. Crazy! She also sings a very "interesting" version of Twinkle Twinkle which always cracks me up. She can count to 20 but sometimes skips over 17.

G has a good appetite and eats most foods. She still loves pizza and applesauce and strawberries. I believe her favorite food is probably ice cream! She's getting better about eating green foods. We just keep offering them and she's found quite a few veggies she likes.

G loves to look pretty and has taken to advising me each morning her choice in hairstyle for the day: 2 ponies, 1 pony, or just clippies. She's also become more interested in choosing the shoes she'll wear but doesn't seem to mind if I pick the actual clothes. Her hair is so long that I've curled it a few times with the curling iron and she really loves that! She's kind of girly and likes to pretend that her play cell phone is make up. She opens it up then pretends to dab into it with her fingers and then apply it to her face like blush. I think its funny because I'm not really that into makeup and only wear it on days I have to. But G is fascinated by makeup and lotions and things like that. She also likes to play with more stereotypically boy things: trains, cars, and dinosaur figures which makes ROAR!

Overall, she's expressing herself and her desires much more. She's still a very easy kid though and has only ever had 3 tantrums --even then she got over them within a few minutes. She does tend to be a slow waker though and her mood is much better when she has a few minutes (or 15 or so) to transition between sleep and awake. Two of her tantrums were on hurried mornings but we did the Supernanny system and that seemed to solve that.

G is timid in new situations or around people she doesn't know. It takes her awhile to warm up to things but then she seems fine. She's also very quiet around people she doesn't know well. Again, seems pretty normal to me. Its funny though, because she's quiet around new people, people have the mistaken belief that she is, generally, quiet. She is so not quiet! She is noisy, super noisy and very active. She loves to run and climb and jump!!! She's been known to screech but I discourage it because it gives me a headache :-)

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about how lucky we are to have been chosen to parent Georgiana. She's awesome!!! So far the twos have been terrific not terrible and for that I'm quite thankful!!

The many faces of G:

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