Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've been a really bad blogger. I've been super busy and really tired when I come home from work. But I'm going to try to be better... I love my blog but I just need to try to figure out a way to stay awake past 9pm...

CNY was the same day as Valentines Day this year. Last year we did Vday photos but this year I thought we'd switch. In keeping with our "Tutu two year old" theme, I was able to locate this traditional chinese styled dress for G with a sort of tutu type skirt. She loved it!!! She was also really excited about the parasol which, not surprisingly she broke but hey! it still looked good in the pix, right? She was great for our pix but, sadly, the photographer sucked! Seriously, several of the pix weren't even in focus which I didn't even think was possible. And, her way of getting her to smile was to say "say cheese" yeah, like that's going to work. The original pix were so bad, I actually decided to take her back the following week for a reshoot. Our efforts paid off I think as these turned out lovely and G had a great time with the photog.

Our actual CNY celebrations were pretty limited. I did get some paper lantern type things that G enjoyed helping to hang from the living room ceiling and a little dragon decoration for the table. Kinda festive I guess. We'd planned to do the parade in LA's chinatown but then Bobby had to work at the last minute so that didn't work out. We were able to join the LuckyMommys group for a nice celebration dinner at an OC chinese place. Great food! Nice company. The kids got a little bit crazy but G seemed to enjoy herself.

I'd planned to try to make some dumplings and stuff at home but didn't end up having time to make it to the store. Those of you who know me, know that I don't really like to cook but I thought G would have fun helping and how hard could it be. We'll have to try another time I guess. I really wanted to try to ring in The Year of the Tiger with a bit more oompf by having a gathering but I guess there's always next year!

Anyway, we've been doing plenty of things and I'm sure I have some cute pix to post when I get time. We also have lots of fun stuff in the works... we've got tix for an event in hollywood for the opening of the new Alice inWonderland movie complete with a Mad Tea Party of some sort, a friend's reptile birthday party, a fantabulous tutu set for whatever our st patty's day celebration turns out to be and an elmo show that I actually haven't told G about for fear that she'll drive me crazy asking about it before the date arrives :-)

These things combined with all the normal stuff we always do... no boredom around here!

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Finally, jesus! Cute, cute, cute!