Monday, March 22, 2010

Last year at easter, G had very little idea of what the heck was going on. We took her to see the bunny and she was like "huh??" then on easter day, we filled some plastic eggs with goldfish crackers, tossed them out onto the front grass and let her go around and pick them up. She didn't really care too much until she realized that there was a cracker in each one, then she was interested... sort of... a little bit.

Looking for a fun easter egg hunt, we ended up back at Irvine Regional Park. We got there early so we could do the first hunt with only little kids. At first, G was still a little confused. But once she realized she could put the eggs in her basket she got super excited and started RUNNING from egg to egg!!! I'm not sure she realized there was candy inside the eggs or not, I think she thought the egg was the prize. After filling her little basket, she got to enjoy some of the spoils of her hunt. G doesn't have sweets too often but she loves them!!

After that, we rode the train. G still loves trains. Its so cute she's very calm and content during the whole ride... she just loves to ride a train. Then after the pony ride I thought, "ok, time to go home." G had different ideas, she wanted to jump in the bouncy house.

Now, we'd gone to a birthday party the day before where she could have jumped in a bouncer to her little heart's content. She was having none of it there. But now, at the easter place, all of sudden she decides she just cannot live without jumping. She was literally pulling my hand and attempting to drag me over there while repeating "come on mommy, let's go!"

So we buy the ticket, wait 10 mins in line to bounce with G trying to pull her shoes off cuz she's so excited, our turn comes and then... you've got it... she doesn't want to go in. Ugh. Luckily, after just a few seconds she regained her excitement and got in there. Then, again, she has some remorse and says "want to get out." Bobby and I acted like we couldn't hear her. Kinda mean huh? but she wasn't crying or anything just sort of walking around, falling occasionally and looking bewildered as the 3-4 other kids jumped about. Then about halfway into the 10 minute jump time, our girl came alive!!! She started jumping and bouncing and laughing like a crazy girl. Bobby and I couldn't stop laughing!!

Every once in awhile she'd bump into another kid (or they'd bump into her) and she'd look completely offended. Bobby calls G a "no impact girl" she does not like to be bumped into. (I need to ask the babysitter about this because certainly she must get bumped into on occasion there). Anyway, the time ended and it was time to get out... you got it, she wouldn't get out!!! I finally had to use my stern voice to get her out and then redirect to the candy basket. Whooo (insert dramatic wiping of imaginary sweat on brow) tragedy averted!

All in all a fantastic few hours of bunny fun!!

These pix are all out of order but I don't have time to fix them so...this is G with her little basket right before we're getting ready to leave. That is one happy face!!

Pony ride! G's pony was named Dolly:
G loved decorating her cookie. To me it looks like a cookie monster cookie.

Enjoying some of her candy after all the hard work of the hunt

This was taken right at the end of the hunt. G was super excited because she found so many eggs. Isn't she beautiful???
This is the face I get if I ask G to smile for a picture... to funny.
This was actually first thing in the morning. You had to pay $10 just to visit the bunny!!! which came with a "complimentary" crappy 5x7 photo. Seriously??? We were lucky though. Since we were there so early and G was dressed so cute the marketing photog asked if she could take some pix with G and the bunny. Sure!!! G loves the bunny but started freaking out a bit whent hey wanted the train conductor to be in the pix too. 7 foot tall rabbit?? no problem. Normal man wearing overalls and a cap?? uh, no.

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