Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yeah! The easter bunny finally arrived at our mall this past weekend. I'm off work this week so I took G early Tuesday to meet the bunny. We arrived 10 mins before Mr Bunny was supposed to arrive and managed to be second in line. G spent the time waiting chasing birds who were unfortunate enough to land near G and picking up sticks. Then it was our turn. G loved the bunny! She looked so beautiful and she loved wearing her dress. She told the bunny that she would be leaving him carrots on a plate.

The picture thing was kind of weird. Instead of actually getting a picture, you received a carrot shaped flash drive with 5 photos loaded onto it. Its kind of neat. The girl snapped all 5 photos in about 45 seconds then proclaimed us as "done" .... um, yeah, let's take a look at those, shall we?? It ended up taking a few more minutes to get decent photos as I had her delete and reshoot a few times but it was worth it and G enjoyed her time with the bunny.


From China With Love said...

Cute pics! The March Challenge: Strike a Pose is up at From China With Love!!

Jen said...

Why do they always make the bunnies look like grandfather bunnies? I don't get it. Cute pic of the non bunny, though!