Thursday, March 18, 2010

I thought the new Alice in Wonderland movie looked like lots of fun! We ended up seeing it in Hollywood at the El Capitan theater. For anyone who's not familiar, its on Hollywood Blvd across the street from Grauman's Chinese (where all the celebrity hand/footprints are set in concrete) and the Kodak Theater which is where the academy awards have been held for the last several years.

So, when I bought the tix, I didn't give a moments thought to the possibility that G would be frightened by the movie. As the date came closer I started hearing more and more about people thinking their kids would be scared which made me a little nervous. G isn't usually scared but, in preparation, I showed her a whole bunch of the trailers on the net the week before the movie. She loved them and would ask to watch them over and over and over again.

The El Capitan is a really cool old theater built in the 1920s. They had the place decorated for the alice movie with giant flowers and mushrooms from the movie. I couldn't take pix because we forgot the camera in the car and had to go get it later :-( They also had on display a bunch of the props and costumes that were actually used in the movie.

The movie itself was really good IMO. The special effects were awesome, Johnny Depp was great as the hatter and Helena Bonham Carter was a fantastic big headed Red Queen. There were a few points in the movie that I thought could be potentially scary but G didn't mind one bit. In fact she loved it and has hardly stopped talking about it since. She wasn't scared at all, watched the whole thing, and kept the 3d glasses on to boot! What a relief.

After the movie we did the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the disney soda fountain right next door to the theater. It was really cute. The servers wore mad hatter hats and we dined on tea (of course), scones, and little tea sandwiches (egg salad, PB&J, olive and cream cheese--yum!). Then, G's favorite part, a cupcake you got to decorate yourself!

Of course, I had to find G a super cute Alice dress, which she loved!! Following are some pix --sadly G looks kind of grouchy in a lot of them. I'm not sure, maybe she was tired?? she had fun but she wasn't feeling smiley that day I guess.

G checking out the Mad Hatter costume:
Bobby as the Mad Hatter
G peeking in to see her cupcake
G's cupcake. I think she did a good job decorating it. She had a bit of help from mommy.
G absolutely loved this mickey mouse thing in front of the soda shop. She kept climbing all over it and finally had to be dragged away so that the dozens of other hollywood tourists could take pix by it.
With Woody. They have all these characters roaming the street out in front of the theater. You have to pay them a dollar to take a pic with them.
Later at home. I just loved this dress! It was beautifully made and the characters were embroidered onto the apron. Another one of my etsy purchases!

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Jen said...

Cute! Your brave girl will probably LOVE all the rides at Disneyworld, not like my sensitive, wimpy little boy!