Thursday, February 04, 2010

My girl loves playdoh
I mean she really loves it! Who knew??? She got 4 little cans of it from santa but we hadn't gotten to it until the other day. I played with her for about 15-20 mins showing her how to make snakes and little balls and then she sat there for another hour and a half!!! Can you believe it?? an hour and a half and she was as happy and content as I've ever seen her. She'd rub the playdoh between her little hands, hold up her creation and then say "look mommy! snake!!" every 30 mins or so she'd ask to change colors. I know, controlling mom. I wouldn't let her have more than one color at a time cuz I hate when they mixed up into one big blob. Luckily so far she hasn't thought about mixing the colors together yet. That time will come I'm sure, then I'll have to just give in to the chaos ;-)

Anyway, here's my little artiste at work:
"I made a snake mommy!!"
These are Georgie's creations. In case you were wondering, the snowman is mine
G was totally proud of herself. So much fun for like $3!

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