Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tutu two year old!!!!
These are scans of the pix we had done for Jan 2010! G loved her outfit expecially the matching shoes. G really likes fancy shoes. The real pix are nicer of course. These scanned a little light but you get the idea.

I really like American Girl dolls, awesome quality, but I think G is a little too young to appreciate a doll that expensive. So I found her this Madame Alexander faux AG at walmart for like $24. I was even able to have an outfit made to match her birthday set. So cute!

Let's just say this was the most complicated of our photo shoots to date. Between G's giant pettiskirt, her crown that kept falling forward, the doll's hat that would pop off its head every time G moved it and the fact that the doll didn't stand up on its own that well..... whoo! Talk about wardrobe malfunctions. Janet Jackson's got nothing on us! But we persevered and got the job done with not a single tear shed... G doesn't cry of course but by the time we were done I thought I was going to :-)

This picture just cracks me up! Its G dancing which is something she'll break out with randomly whenever the mood strikes her. Oh to be as free as a two year old!


Brandi said...

Those are AWESOME pics! I have to ask....where did you get that outfit?

好痛 said...

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