Saturday, January 23, 2010

Calendar girl
This is sort of 2009 year in review. It was so much fun watching G grow and progress over the last year. I was surprised that I actually managed to get her pix done each and every month.

January 2009: our first month home with G. We celebrated her first birthday

February 2009: my little valentine!
March 2009: our lucky charm
April 2009: Easter of course! I actually had G's pix done twice in april. First at the local place and later by a photographer who used live bunnies. G loved the bunnies. I don't think I've ever posted these pix because I just figured out how to use my scanner. Yes, I am technically challenged.

May 2009: Our theme was "april showers bring may flowers"
June 2009: in celebration of father's day with daddy.
July 2009: my little firecracker. This is my least favorite pic of the year. She wouldn't wear the hair ornament that went with it so she looks a little funky but she's still a cutie!
August 2009: our summer picture. G has the cutest smile in this pic!
September 2009: we did family pix. G here with Brett and Casey
October 2009: awww, sweetest little bumble bee ever!
November 2009: sweet little turkey girl
December 2009: our christmas angel
Well, there you go! We had so much fun doing the monthly pix I think I'm going to do it again for 2010. We already began with our Tutu 2 yr old, maybe we'll keep it and do a tutu pic for each month of the year... hmmmm, I've got some shopping to do :-)

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Brandi said...

What a great idea to do monthly pics! I have no idea which one's my favorite...maybe the "Lucky Charm"....or the cute smile from August....or the one with daddy...or the Thanksgiving one...oh my!

Again I have to ask...where do you find these cute outfits?!