Wednesday, November 11, 2009

22 mos old!
I meant to post this the other day, on the 7th, when G was exactly 22 mos old but I've been really under the weather. I haven't had to miss work or anything but by the time we get G to bed in the evening I've been EXHAUSTED and crashing out without having energy to post. So, here we are just a few days late.

22 mos is a huge milestone for us because as you may or may not recall, we met G when she was exactly 11 mos old. Until this month, we'd always missed more of her life than not which I accept as just being the way it is but still, it was kind of sad to me. 22 mos old marks the crossover. We've now known her more than half her life! She is such a beautiful, precious girl. I cannot even imagine living my life without her in it.

G's personality continues to develop. I remember when we first placed in her daycare I was sooo worried that she'd be squished because she seemed so timid. Well, that timid girl is a thing of the past --I'm not even completely sure she ever existed. She's not pushy but she definitely seems able to hold her own.

G is funny and fairly outgoing although naturally a little suspicious of new people. She can also be a bit mischievious. G really enjoys her little friends from daycare and has begun telling us things about her day in the evening. For instance, a few weeks ago at dinner G said "Preston, time out" so we started asking her about it and she repeated it several times telling us "Preston, naughty." The following day I asked our babysitter about it and, sure enough, Preston had gotten a timeout the day before! Too funny.

G's language has been steadily improving. She now regularly uses 3 word sentences and will often use as many as 6 words to convey her thoughts. "Georgie doesn't want to do it, mama!" is a fav of hers :-) Her pronunciation has REALLY improved which is nice. Last month I had written that G would say "grink" for drink but just a day or so later she figured it out and withing just a few days her overall speech became at least 50% more clear! Its been super helpful for us obviously.

G can count up to 11 now but for some reason often skips over 6 and says 7 as "second" which cracks me up. She's been getting a little more successful on her attempts to sing along to the songs I sing with her like "hush little baby," the abc song, etc. Her favorite song is still "The Muffin Man" which she likes for me to replay in the car over and over and over. I think our record was like 13 times in a row before she stopped saying "Muffin please" as soon as the song would end--uh, yes, I counted cuz I was wondering when the agony would come to an end.

G's been cutting her last 4 teeth which has been really tough on her. Three of them have finally broken through but there were several weeks there when she had a fever, chewed on one of her fingers until the skin started to peel, and drooled like crazy. Yuck right?

Anyway, that's a little summary on G right now. She's so darned cute, I could just go on and on about her but I'll stop now and we can get to some pix!

Like most moms, I love gymboree clothes. I really love their new Holiday Panda line especially the panda shoes. I couldn't quite rationalize spending $30 on a pair of panda shoes though. I mean, how many times can a girl wear panda shoes, right? But then, gymbo had their 30% off sale and I could no longer resist. G loved the shoes so much she put them on right away and didn't want to take them off. She wore them all day in the house occasionally breaking out into a little jig and saying "panda shoes." She even took a nap in them!!! When she woke up she saw my camera and said "picture, please" which sounds more like "pichur peese" --never one to pass up a photo opportunity, out the front door we went to get pix of G in her new shoes.

I love this picture!!!

G's in constant motion:


Close up of the uber cute "panda shoes"

My beautiful happy girl!

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Phi said...

i love the shoes!! uber cute indeed. that's so cute she was telling you daycare stories.