Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Miss Bossy Boots
Let me just say, Georgiana is a beautiful and sweet little girl. For the most part she's very kind to other kids and very gentle with pets. However, she can be a bit bossy when she's sees someone stepping out of line.

Bobby had to work yesterday morning so G and I had a mommy and daughter shopping trip to the mall! We hit all our fav's including Baby Gap, Naartjie, Gymboree and Children's Place and got G some super cute things for the fall season including a pair of silver shoes she latched on to and wouldn't let go! My girl loves the bling!!!

Anyway, G likes going to the Gymboree store the best because they have the TV area which she loves. I always let her sit there but keep a close eye just in case there's a bratty kid. But guess who's kid was the bratty one yesterday??? Yes, my dear sweet little thing that's who. Another little boy, about 2 or 3 was very nicely sitting in one of the chairs when G decided she didn't want him sitting in that chair or something and she started telling him "NO, NO" and pointing her finger at him. I made her stop. Then she was standing up in front of the TV and the little boy was saying "I can't see, I can't see" to which G responded by laughing. I told her to sit down and then had her say "sorry" to the boy which she did but only in a whisper.

This isn't her first attempt at controlling others. A few weeks ago we were in a shop and G was looking at things. She started to go back by the dressing rooms and I said "no, no honey" stay with me. A few minutes later another little girl, perhaps 3 or so, started walking back there and G said "NO, NO!" while pointing her finger at her.

That finger pointing thing I've seen before, she does it to the cats when they touch her toys and she doesn't want them to!!!! I'm not sure where she gets that. It can't be me, can it??

Maybe I can just blame it on all on the babysitter. ;-)

Here are some pix from this last week. Bobby picked up this cheapie tiara and wand set at the store for like $2 cuz he thought she'd like it. He was right! She points to it and says "crown please" and then has us put it on her head. Let me repeat, I'm not sure where G is getting this princessy type behavior from??? hmmmm. ;-)




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