Thursday, December 11, 2008

That's what I call Georgiana. OMG, the kid never stops moving. She is so funny and happy and cute. She "sings" and dances if we sing to her. She's mimicing like crazy and eats everything that's put near her mouth. She woke up happy this morning and stayed that way pretty much all day until about 5:30 which is when she tends to get tired and grouchy. Unfortunately, that's also dinner time which can be a little bit of a bummer but we're getting better at eating faster and in shifts!

Today we went to TangWeng Pavillion which seems to be Nanchang's major claim to fame. Its a huge traditional chinese style bulding surrounded by a small parklike area with a pond, scultpures of the chinese zodiac animals and some garden areas. Its a historical site and draws many chinese tourists. It was nice to go and do something. There's just not a lot to do in Nanchang unfortunately. Tomorrow, we're going to the People's Park and a porcelain place--yeah shopping!

For Georgie, today was a day of some firsts:

1. First kiss: Daddy got the first kiss, I was pretty jealous. It was a nice soft one to in response to "kisses"

2. Bath: G has not liked her bath one bit. She's been crying as soon as we put her in the infant bath. So today we decided to see if she might prefer a shower. Bobby handed to me while I was showering and, guess what?? She loved it! She was all smiles and such a happy girl. So, tonight, we decided to try the bath again. At first she liked it a lot. She was smiling and splashing and laughing. Then she pushed her head forward into the water and inhaled a little before I could catch her. She started screaming immediately. I was able to coax her back into the bath for a few minutes with some toys but, for the most part, no go. We're going to keep giving her baths every day and continue with the plan until she finally warms up to the idea.

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