Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Day
Today was a very nice day. We had a nice breakfast. Of course, Georgie ate and ate and ate! Then we went to The People's Park. Its a very nice and large park about 10 mins drive from our hotel. It has a lake, playground, even some carnival type rides. It was so nice, if just for a few hours, to get away from the constant honking, banging, and screaming that is Nanchang. Even though there was still incredible smog, at least we were sucking in the car exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke. It was cool, not cold, so Bobby and I dressed in comfy clothes which for me means capri pants and flip flops. Boy do I get a lot of looks. Chinese people, at least in this area, just love to bundle up. They are the coldest people I've ever seen. I dressed Georgie in a one piece romper with socks. Her hands and face were warm to the touch. We of course get lots of disapproving looks but, whatever. I even had a couple of the grannies look and say something like "just one layer of clothing?" I'd just look at them and smile. I know they just mean well but, again, whatever.

After a few hours of walking with G in her stroller --which she now loves-- we stopped by a porcelain shop. As anyone who's ever been to Nanchang will tell you, it is the porcelain capital. I think its actually where it was first created. but I could be wrong about that. We have one mom in our little travel group who loves, and I do mean LOVES to shop!!! I actually really like to also so its no problem for me. She happens to be a pretty great negotiator, which I can do but hate, so I let her do my bargaining. She got us some great prices on a few very lovely things.

After that, we had another great meal at the local restaurant behind our hotel. The food is just really, really good. We decided to go non spicy today after a little too much heat and garlic last night. After lunch we dropped off our purchases and it was decided that we would do a girls only visit to the massage place. I cannot tell you how great that massage is and for $9!!! We just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Dinner was Pizza Hut!! It actually tasted just like Pizza Hut in the states. I've loved the chinese food but it was rather pleasant to eat something that I knew exactly what to expect before biting into it. Plus, we had to pack up all our stuff to leave in the morning bright and early for GZ so eating pizza in the room was pretty convenient.

Georgie had a great bath experience this evening with splashing and laughing and absolutely no tears. Whew! Another hurdle. She's done pretty well from day one but each day still gets better and better. I had read so many articles, books, blogs and other info to prepare myself for really, almost anything ie complete rejection of one or both parents, a baby that would shut down to the point of seeming autistic or mentally disabled, huge sensory issues, a very ill baby, you name it. But, we are so fortunate that G seems great! She's physically, mentally and developmentally on target. She lets us hold her, makes good eye contact and she looks to us for food and comfort. She definitely prefers us to other people already. Bobby said when I left the hotel room to get the massage she called out "mama" and started looking for me a little. So, while I know that there could be issues that arise next week, when we get home, or at anytime in the future, things are going really well now. What a relief to have prepared for the worst, hoped for the best and gotten the best.

I have enjoyed many aspects of our visit to Nanchang. Most importantly it will always hold a special place in my heart as the city in which I first met our daughter. But, I am really tired of being here and am definitely ready to move on to some new scenery.

Tomorrow will be Georgie's first plane ride. I'm sure she'll be fine. If she can handle 3 hours on my lap in a van on what felt like back country road, she can handle the plane no problem! GZ, her we come!!

**still cannot get photobucket to load. Hopefully I'll have better luck in GZ cuz I have some great pix of our girl!


Kim Kenward said...

Sounds like things are going well for you. I'm happy to read that you did get to shop for some Porcelain. What a special gift to give your daughter someday. Bring lots of snacks on the plane to help ease the short flight from Nanchang to Guangzhou. Our daughter pretty much howled the entire flight unless she had food in her mouth. Hugs.

Tammy said...

Hi, Susan. I love following your blog (especially now that we will be travelling there as well).

Georgie is absolutely beautiful and it sounds like you and your husband are having a great time with her!

Thanks for your congrats post and I'm sure I'll be taking you up on your offer to answer questions.

Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!

Tammy (aka WaitingforTaya)

Jen said...

Ah yes, the $8 2 hr foot/body massage! Terence and my mom got one of those everyday that we were there. I think my mom once even took him to a whorehouse, hahaha!

suzanne said...

I am so glad things are going so smoothly for everyone. It sounds like Georgie is transitioning extremely well. There is lots to do in Guangzhou. Enjoy your time there!
ps. There is a fabulous artist at Sherry's Place- near the WS. If you take a picture to him early in your trip, he can do a beautiful charcoal sketch for you. He is a bit more expensive but his skills are worth it.