Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Travel Arrangements made, visas are in hand!!!
Today was a pretty nightmarish morning at work. I drove in murderous traffic, got screamed at and, to top it all off, had a client make blatantly anti-asian racist comments to me. Yeah, I know. However, the day does end up getting a check in the W column because it was so productive in regard to my quest to get to Georgie!

I got on the phone with the travel agent and in 2 hour-long calls had pretty much everything all wrapped up. The agency's travel person, Lynn, was super helpful and very nice to work with. Almost all of our air travel and hotel is booked with the exception of the Beijing hotel and BJ to Nanchang flight. That will be taken care of tomorrow. We decided to get G her own seat on all the flights for two reasons: first, extra squirm room and second, luggage weight. Buying her a seat means she gets to bring her own 45 lb bag and carry on!!! Yeah!! So now, the only leg of the trip that is possibly problematic is the BJ to Nanchang flight. If we get charged extra, we're just going to deal.

I was also able to pick up our visas in LA. It was super easy and only took about 5 mins from parking the car to pulling away from the curb!!! And, another plus, I was able to pay with my credit card, gotta love them points!!!

OK, so here's the itinerary:
(its been updated a little)

12/1 --Mon: fly LAX to Beijing non-stop
12/2 --Tue: arrive Beijing 5:30 am, check in Novatel Peace Hotel, rest day
12/3 --Wed: Lama Temple, Water Cube, Bird's Next, Olympic Park
12/4 --Thu: TianAnMen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch at local family's house, Hutong Rick Shaw, Acrobatic Show
12/5 --Fri: Great Wall, Summer Palace
12/6 --Sat: fly BJ to Nanchang, prepare for Baby G
12/7 --Sun: Georgie Day!!!! scheduled for 5pm
12/8 --Mon: Registration at Civil Affairs office, notary, apply for Georgie's chinese passport
12/9-12/11 --Tue-Thu: paperwork, bond and shop, hopefully visit orphanage
12/12 --Fri: receive adoption paperwork
12/13 --Sat: fly Nanchang to Guangzhou
12/14 --Sun: free day= bond and shop
12/15 --Mon: medical exam and visa photo
12/16 --Tue: CA (guide takes paperwork to consulate)
12/17 --Wed: receive Georgie's US visa, swearing in ceremony at consulate
12/18 --Thu: fly Guangzhou to BJ then BJ to LAX

Georgie, we're coming soon!!!


Kim Kenward said...

Congratulations on your travel agenda and being so close now. I can't wait to see Nanchang all over again on your blog.

I've been doing a whole series on adoption to honor National Adoption Month and today's blog post is on "essential" items to bring to China. 9 of my favorite adoptive mom's have posted their favorite items on my blog entry. You might find some great tips.

I have such wonderful memories of Nanchang from being there in March. Hugs!!

walternatives said...

Good to see all the travel progress and nice to hear that it went smoothly.

Counting down...

Project Ni Hao said...

Congrats on getting your travel arrangements DONE!!! Just two short weeks until your family day - woot!

Jen said...

Looks fun! So what day do you actually get Georgie??

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

I can't wait to follow your trip. You are taking the same trip we did but we left the US from Chicago. Where are you staying in Nanchang?

pootiepie said...

Enjoy every moment of your travels!!! I'll be reading your posts and hoping to following in your footsteps soon enough!