Monday, November 17, 2008

Great news!!!
We have our consulate appointment (CA)!!!!! We are confirmed for 12/16!! I was really hoping for sooner but we'll take what we've got. At least now we can finally begin making travel plans. Tentatively, we will leave on 12/1 tour Beijing for a few days, fly to Nanchang then meet Georgiana on 12/7, fly to Guangzhou and have CA on 12/16, and be home on 12/17!!! I can't believe it. We began this process in 8/2005 and now, 3 years and 4 mos later, my dream of having a little girl will finally come true.

My last day of work will be 11/26, we'll have the Thanksgiving holiday with Brett and Casey, then off we go!

I'm so excited!

Just for fun, here's a never before seen photo of Baby G. It's her mugshot, gotta love that hair!!


walternatives said...


Look at all that hair! Thanks for sharing this photo.

There's nothing like what we're feeling now, is there?

See you three in Guangzhou!

Beeb said...

This is really great news! I'm excited to see these little ones coming home!!

Nina said...

Finally!! I'm so happy that you finally got your CA and your travel dates. So exciting!!