Friday, November 07, 2008

TA is on the way!!!!

For the last few weeks my morning ritual has been:
1. wake up, shower, dress
2. feed cats
3. check computer for info on TA's
4. call Bobby and say "no info on TA's yet"
5. go to work feeling mildly depressed and slightly numb while muttering pathetically to myself "I want my baby"

But not today BABY!!!! Today was good news! Bobby's been working a weird shift so he was there to read it to. This is what today's email brought:

"Dear Families,Your TA's left China yesterday so they should arrive at HAIM
office on Monday.I'll post to the group. This means we should be able to request
your CA date by Monday night. This should make your weekend much happier.

Yeah!!!!! Of course, we'll meet another slight delay due to the consulate's closure on Tuesday 11/11 for Veteran's Day but at least we have made progress!!!! I'm still crossing my fingers that our CA will be 12/9. There is a very slight chance. More likely it will be later but that's not within my control so I'm just crossing all crossables that it is sooner rather than later. Anything that gets us home as early in Dec as possible allowing for maximum time to be spent with all five of us together before Brett has to return to school is good in my book.

Today's a good day!


Kim Kenward said...

Congratulations from another Jianxi Mommy. You're one step closer to holding your sweet daughter! I remember the anxious wait for the TA and the CA. Has your agency told you where you will stay in Nanchang? I can't wait to relive our trip all over again. Congratulations!!

walternatives said...


Christy said...

What great news!!! I am so happy-- it seems like it has been a really long wait and it is strange that referrals came out BEFORE TA's this time-- strange. I cant wait to see picutres of you holding your little girl. I know things are crazy but I still want to get together when we can :)

Christy :)