Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Brett!!

Today, Brett turned 20!!! Wow, my first baby is no longer a teenager. It's pretty hard to believe. I keep thinking back to when he was small. He learned to walk very early (7 mos!) by 9 mos he was running as fast as he could go away from me!! When he was 3 or so he had the most beautiful hair which was cut into a step cut --very popular at the time. He would have his bath and while his hair was still wet we'd come it to make sure there were no tangles. Once dried we'd just have him sort of shake his head back and forth and his hair would lay perfectly.

Brett was born with, and of course still has, beautiful long eyelashes. When he was first born they were so fine that they were actually a little hard to see. But now they've grown into thick long lashes that frame his beautiful brown eyes.

Its funny, when my kids were small I was always waiting for them to get a little older so they could move on to the next step. It felt like I was always in such a hurry. Now I wish we could have all those moments back to live again.

Today marks the second decade of Brett's life. He's getting ready to return to college in just a few weeks. It will be fascinating to watch what the next 20 yrs bring for him.

I love you Brett, with all my heart!


Nina said...

Wow, a 20 year old son! Congratulations!!

My fingers are crossed for another early referral from the CCAA!!! Your baby is going to have a wonderful big brother :)

Peanut Shell said...

Reading your post makes me remember to enjoy Gavin while he's still cute and relatively immobile. =]

Peanut Shell said...

Aww, reading your post makes me remember to enjoy having a baby. =]

Phi said...

awww Susan that's beautiful.