Sunday, April 13, 2008

Next is Petunia. She is such a sweet and gentle little thing. She is just precious and so lady like. That's why she has a flower name. Plus, we'd just planted some petunias in the yard that day so I had flowers on the brain!

And finally, last but definitely not least Ink a Dink (Inky). Of course he's just about completely black so he's like a little ink spot but, and I don't think you can tell this from the pix, he is the tiniest little thing you've ever seen. Just about as skinny as can be. Yes, the runt. But so tough!!! Because he's so tiny we've been bottle feeding him to make sure he's getting enough nourishment. He wasn't a fan of the kitten formula but seems pretty happy with warmed goat's milk. Ahhh, my little sweetie. He loves to be held right on your chest and will stay there for hours!!! If I sit down, he crawls onto my leg. If I'm standing somewhere, he'll come over and stand on my foot!!! With careful feeding, Inky is getting bigger and a little more confident. He pretty much always has that same shocked look on his face as he has in the pic.

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