Sunday, April 13, 2008


My mom loves to go to the theater. I do too. But, it is always soooo expensive and a little bit of a pain to have to haul our butts out to LA, find parking, etc. There's this old theater in downtown San Bernardino called the California Theater. It's probably about 100 years old. I've been driving by it on my way to and from work for years now. I finally looked it up and found that they do a musical series there each year. Because it was very reasonably priced and so close, I thought it would be fun to give it a try. So, I bought tix for mom and myself. So far we've seen Peter Pan (good but, you know, aimed at a younger audience), Pirates of Penzance (it was OK but, I guess I'm not really a Gilbert and Sullivan fan), and most recently CATS.

The CATS performance was wonderful-- very professionally presented with great sets, costumes and singing. This was a very quality performance. Its weird because I'm pretty sure that CATS is one of the most popular of all the Broadway plays but I'd never seen it. I remember asking someone once, "What is CATS about?" To which they responded "Its about cats." I remember being a little annoyed at what seemed like kind of a smart ass response. But, I have to say, if someone asked me the same question, I guess I'd have to give the same response.

Anyway, it was really great and mom and I have only one more performance to go --The Music Man --another really famous musical that I have never seen. Can't wait!

Now, on to the KITTENS!!

Bobby and I have been wanting to get a kitten. Our last effort at pet adoption didn't go very well. We tried to adopt an older cat (about 3-4 yrs old) thinking that an adult cat would be fine for us. That turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare. Poor little Delilah, she was very sweet but had obviously been abused in the past and had some weird issues. Plus, she wouldn't use the litter box which turned into a nightmare. Unfortunately, after trying tons of things, we finally had to return her to the rescue after having her with us for almost a year. I felt awful but it just wasn't working.

So, we decided to try again but this time with kittens. We figured this way we can get a fresh start. We're now "fostering" 4 little kittens who were abandoned at about 4 weeks. Here are pix of their cute little faces:

The little siamese one is Henry. We chose the name because he is the sweetest, calmest little kitty you could ever imagine. Like an old soul. So precious, he'll come and sit with me for hours. Love, love, love this little guy!!! Very gentle and pleasantly playful.

Next is Zorro!!! Bobby picked his name because when we went to pick them up, the were all in a pet carrier. The other three were hiding in the back but not Zorro. He was right out front protecting his siblings with all his tiny little might. Z has a permanent look of surprise on his sweet little face and is by far the most playful and aggressive. He's an ADHD kitty, constant motion until he gets exhausted. Then he'll settle down and let you hold him. Sooooo, cute.

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