Friday, April 04, 2008

April referrals:
Not much to say. They only did 5 days including 2 weekend days. Its the tiniest batch I think they've ever done. Its probably less actual referrals than last year when they did the 2 day batch. They've now referred through Jan 9, 2006. They're crawling like a snail through Jan. My latest estimate is Nov 2008, I think. I don't think it could go much slower unless it actually stopped which it could (may??) do during the Olympics. I hope it doesn't stop. Its agonizing to have it move so slowly. Its as if you were dying of thirst and attempting to drink through a pinhole. So, anyway, here we are. There are 35 calendar lids ahead of us but 9 of them have no dossiers logged in due to CCAA's closure for Chinese New Year (CNY). So, we really only have 26 days ahead of us. How sad is it that as close as we are I'm still not sure this will work out for us??

Anyway, here are the new families from RQ:
Our Journey to Adopt Grace
My Answered Prayers
Zoe Chronicles
Journey to Adopt Lucy
Waiting for Molly
Lookin’ for Number Four
Jade Carroll
Precious In My Sight
Journey to Alice
The following families in the SN program would like to share their news:
Chloe Brown
Andy and Susan
Parenting Cubed
Our Journey to Macey
Our Journey to Michael

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