Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kinder Ice Cream Social
Its the FCDS open house they do each year the day before school starts. It was super hot so ice cream sounded pretty good! We looked around, met G's teacher, Mrs Lopez, and found her desk. Last year in preschool there were only a few girls in Georgie's class. This was a real bummer for her because more than anything else, G likes to have little girls to play with. We were hopeful that kinder would bring more girl classmates. As it turned out, six of the 16 kids in Georgie's class are girls!!
Georgie met Celia that day. They became instant friends!! By the end of the social they were already walking around holding hands. Adorable!! I think they bonded over their mutual enjoyment of reading. They both read really, really well.
Only one more sleep until the big day! Kindergarten here she comes!

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