Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally, kindergarten!
The big day had arrived. Georgie was decked out with new shoes, new uniform, new backpack and new owl-themed water bottle! No lunch box necessary (this mama doesn't pack lunches). She was super excited to be a kindergartener and had no troubles at all. As for me, I managed to drop her off with a big hug, a kiss and a heartfelt "have lots of fun!" After that I hit the new parent breakfast. But, once I got back in my car, I bawled. I couldn't help it. I know from experience how fast the time goes.

I remember pretty clearly when Brett and Casey started kindergarten. I even remember Brett's Power Rangers lunchbox. And now? They're finished with college and living on their own. Sigh. The next 12 years will whiz by. Of course I want her to learn and grow but she's so perfectly wonderful right now that I wish I could freeze time. But I can't. So I take tons of pictures and try to savor each little moment of her life, of her growth. Kindergarten is a big step, its the beginning of school, of homework, of the busy-ness that comes with growing up. If I figure out a way to slow it down, I'll let you know.

Casey was lucky enough to take Brett's place working at the school as an aide. Georgie is super excited that her brother is there with her every day.
Upon return home, Georgie was greeted by hot pink gerber daisies (her favorite), a congrats card from daddy, and yummy chocolate chocolate-chip cookies.

The school had a professional photographer take first day of school pix of all the kids and then they emailed them to us that evening. What a treat!!!

How sweet is my little kindergartener??

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