Monday, July 01, 2013

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Feeling hot, hot, hot
Well, we're definitely giving our Huntington membership a workout! On our last visit I was told by one of the gardeners that the roses would be even more beautiful, with many, many more blooms, in a couple of weeks so back we went. It was an enjoyable day but OMG so freaking hot!  Its cooler in San Marino than it is at my house but 99-100 degrees is just super hot to be out and about looking at flowers and such.

As has become our routine we stopped at the gift shop first so G could choose a postcard featuring one of the museum works. This time she picked Girl with a Parrot by a British artist Allan Ramsay. Its really fun to see what she picks each time to be our scavenger hunt piece! After that we moved to the children's garden so G could play. Lots of fun and a nice cool off for her, not so much for me and my mom. But it was still early in the day and relatively tolerable.

Because it was so hot we spent more time chatting in the coolness of the tea room than we normally would have. All three of us love it there so we snacked and chatted and G entertained herself with an activity book I brought for her. The roses were beautiful and, just like last time, G required that I photograph all that struck her fancy. Even though it was hot, G still kicked off her shoes and ran around on the grass. She eventually plopped herself down in a patch of those little weedy flowers and attempted some daisy chains. She's loved the idea ever since I told her that I'd done that when I was a little girl :-)

I'd planned to visit one of the galleries that we've somehow always missed on previous trips but, by that point in the day, I was toast... melted toast :-)

Chillin' literally!

Georgie discovered these little snails on the bottom of some of the rocks in the water.
She then went on a mission to "save" them all by searching them out and moving them to another area of the garden. I'm not sure that it was helpful to the snails but it was wonderfully entertaining for Georgie :-)
Georgie decided on this trip that she liked caviar, so funny

Working on her flower chain. She wanted to put enough together for a bracelet or a necklace but it was just too dang hot to sit there and help her

 Coming to show her creation to me! Oh how I love this beautiful girl
Not the greatest picture (because no flash aloud in the galleries of course) but we eventually located Girl with a Parrot. I have to say, the postcard scavenger hunt is pretty fun and really educational for ME! G's starting to piece together some of the symbolism in the various paintings. There are a lot of British portraits at the Huntington and she loves to listen to the audio guide so eventually its going to start to sink in.

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