Monday, June 10, 2013

Bye Bye Preschool
Although I'm excited for her to moving up to kinder--which is right across the parking lot --leaving her preschool is kind of sad. She's grown so much there in the last two years. She started out in a 5-week summer program... she was so timid that she didn't speak a single word for the first four weeks! Now she's a confident and happy little girl who loves school, her friends and her teachers. Her social and emotional growth is nothing short of amazing to me. Of course she's progressed academically as well but, for us, preschool was more about her developmental gains than anything else and she's doing AWESOME!

Georgie's school doesn't do a graduation or anything. Instead they do a carnival where the kids get to play little games and win Oriental Trading prizes. G loves it! All the kids get a medal each year but the whole thing is super low key and G really likes it. Since all the kids from G's class are moving on to kindergarten in the fall, a couple of the moms thought it would be fun to have a little end of year party at Farrell's. Nothing at Farrell's can be considered low key in my opinion... its just to freaking loud in there for that. But, G still had a great time with her little friends and the noise was nothing that a couple tylenol couldn't handle :-)

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