Thursday, June 13, 2013

Biker Chick
Georgie has a LOT of talents... being athletic does not, so far, seem to be among them. Its probably not really a lack of ability; its more that she tends to be very tentative and gentle. Being athletic usually requires some forcefulness and bravery and toughness.

For these reasons, I kinda figured that Georgie would be using training wheels until she was at least 26 :-)  But, Bobby had different ideas, he decided that Georgie needed to learn to ride her bike and he was going to give it a go. So, a couple nights in a row he took her outside after dinner and ran around behind her for about 30-45 mins chanting encouraging words and guess what??? Voila!!!! She can totally ride her bike! and she's acting so brave and confident!! Amazing! Yay Daddy!!!
Oh, and if you were wondering, Georgie thinks a tulle skirt and silver glittery shoes are perfect bike riding attire!

Now its time for a little bit bigger bike :-)

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