Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Garden in Spring
The weather was socal gorgeous --clear blue skies, low 70s, ever so slight breeze-- so it seemed like a perfect day to check out the spring blooms at the Huntington. Of course, a visit is always improved by a nice lunch at the tea room! Because Bobby had to work, Georgie, my mom and I made a girls day of it.

The weather and gardens did not disappoint. Truthfully, it could not have been a more gorgeous day. I was so glad that I decided to bring along my big camera. I've gotten so lazy about it lately. I try to avoid doing the iphone pix just because, even though they tend to look great on the phone, they're really not good quality. But I do tend to rely on my purse camera a lot. It takes really good pix, for a point and shoot, and its always sitting there in my purse right at the tip of my fingers!!! but it cannot compare to an SLR with a nice lens :-)

Tea was awesome as always! I do love tea at the Huntington. G surprised me this time by trying the salmon tea sandwiches and really liking them! I gave her a bit of the hummus and caviar with crackers but she wasn't at all impressed. And, of course, she still thinks actual tea (even with a couple cubes of sugar on it) is gross. I think its cute the way she is willing to try new foods and isn't a mac & cheese chicken nugget only kind of kid.

Anyway, it was a lovely day to snap pix of my girlie :-)

 The Chinese garden is so beautiful. I wish my photo skills were better.

I'm always asking G to make a pouty face for pix and usually it just makes her get a huge smile... finally caught this good one.

OK, this one's weird I know. Georgie was looking at the fountain and I was taking a couple pix of her looking into the water when I noticed the skeleton guy in the background. It was some college kids who were photographing the reflection of the face in the water, probably for a class project or something?? G didn't notice it right away but when she finally did she was intrigued.

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