Monday, April 22, 2013

Princesses at the Castle 2013
Georgie enjoyed this event at the Kimberly Crest House so much last year, I thought we'd give it another try. Last year it was HOT, this year it was much cooler which was very welcome. Plus, without the bright, scorching sun the endless photo ops were better as well.

Georgie really liked this part. There was a simple obstacle course then, at the end, the two fairy godmothers chattered for about a minute about magical stuff and then cast a "spell" complete with a sprinkling of gold glitter "fairy dust". Georgie's was the spell of knowledge.

They fished with magnetic poles in the pond. I was pretty sure that one of the little princesses would eventually fall into the pond but luckily no one did :-)
Of all the activities, the scarf dancing was by far G's favorite. She spent a considerable period of time listening to princess music and spinning her scarf around with the helper princesses. Each time a song would end, I'd ask her if she wanted to do it again or go try something else... after about 10 songs of scarf dancing she decided she'd take a break.

All the castle princesses and fairies are part of an non profit group that's associated with the House...its a community service/charitable thing. That means that these boys dressed like this for FREE!! They must be very sweet.
Finally, it was Georgie's turn to be announced. She definitely remembered it from last year. "Introducing Georgiana from the House Crowell". Just like last year they slaughtered her names but she didn't seem to mind.

More scarf dancing!
The princess garments drying on the line... so funny!
So beautiful...

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