Monday, March 18, 2013

Love, love, love
Georgie was incredibly excited about Vday. She helped Bobby make me a card and she had a picture she'd made at school. She woke up bright and early as usual but let me sleep, thank goodness! Once I was awake she guided me into the bathroom so I could see what she and Bobby had planned for me the night before.
The cute little Brighton bag in the bag held the sunglasses I'd pointed out to him a few weeks before, yay! I loved the card they made:

G had a heart shaped basket filled with goodies and a tiny purple stuffy that she loved!

It was a regular day so we got ready and headed off to school. G wore her super cute pink Fancy Nancy... adorable!! She'd worked pretty hard on the valentines she made for the kids and she couldn't wait to pass them out. We got to school a few minutes late and the kids were already in chapel singing songs. When she found her seat, one of the little boys turned and handed her a rose! So cute! His mom told me that when they'd gone to buy his valentines he insisted that he had to get something special for G. I guess he wanted to get her a purple stuffy (because he knew that purple was her favorite color) but couldn't find one he liked. He finally settled on the flower because he knew she loved flowers. Ahhh, so sweet!

Such a sweet shot of Georgie and her teacher. I've written before about how happy we are to have such a wonderful teacher this year. Georgie loves her and the feeling seems mutual.
Our romantic dinner was at Souplantation :-) It wasn't crowded which is what was important to me. I hate crowds. What a great Vday we had!

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