Saturday, March 09, 2013

Day 15: Perfect Princess day
Good news! Georgie woke up feeling great! What a relief. We started out early at the MK Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. G had been planning for awhile to be a "pinkalicious" princess... pink from head to toe.
By now Georgie is an absolute pro at being BBB'd!

After that we were off to the Grand Floridian for the My Disney Girl's Perfectly Princess Tea Party. We were running a bit late which is always a bit stressful. Then, when we arrived, we were told that we didn't have a reservation... what!!! I made that stinking reservation six months earlier. Fortunately we were able to straighten it all out pretty quickly and Georgie and I were escorted in to begin our mommy/daughter afternoon.

As we were seated G saw her Disney princess doll! She loved it!!
 When she popped open her napkink, she found another surprise... a sweet little silver bracelet :-)
G was chosen to help lead a dance and sing a song. Georgie loves being the center of attention so this was super fun for her. I think her being chosen may have been partially to make up for the mix up at check in... whatever, worked for me/1
Georgie was actually singing her doll a little song. So sweet!

 After tea and snacks we had a visit by the original pink princess... Sleeping Beauty!

Afterward, we returned to MK so we could visit with the princesses. What is this? Yet another Sleeping Beauty!!

On our way out we ran into Mary Poppins in her winter coat! So fun! We've seen Mary many, many times but never in her winter coat... silly, I know.
During the trip, G discovered a smoothie stand near the teacups. She was hooked!
We were back to the Polynesian for dinner. We loved the Ohana dinner last time and were pleased to see that the food was just as good on this visit. The only bummer was that they didn't have the coconut races and games for the kids like they did last time. We were told that those would be done a few hours later. It was too long for us to wait. Wish I would have known, may have booked at another time or for another day.

Tomorrow: last day :-(

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