Thursday, December 20, 2012

Donny and Marie???
Hmmm... was my first thought when I saw it as one of the performances in our series. I really couldn't muster up any enthusiasm at all. They're just so. darn. cheesy. But, what the heck! We'll give it a try!

Guess what? The show was really good. I know, it shocked me too! It was Donny and Marie so there was a bit of cheese :-) but not so much that it was bothersome. In fact, it was kind of endearing. And overall the production value of the show was really high. I learned a couple of things that night too.

First, Marie Osmond can SING! Truthfully, she has an incredible voice. This was primarily a Christmas show but also included songs that each of them had done over the years. For Marie, this meant several songs from her many Broadway shows. I was surprised and impressed.

Second, Donny Osmond has some really intense fans. Really. They're mostly about my age or maybe a bit older. Some of them brought their adult children along. A few of them were practically panting from the excitement of the situation. A shocking number of them lunged past their seatmates for the opportunity to touch Donny's hand as he made his way up the aisles. It was hysterical!

In retrospect, I'm so happy that we do the musical subscription because we end up seeing shows we normally never would. This one goes right to the top of my list of surprises!

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Mike and Rhonda said...

I loved Donnie....