Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird
About a week ago, my mom called me to say that she had written down in her calendar that we were scheduled to see a show on Friday. We were both confused. Not only did I not have it in my calendar (which I'm pretty careful about) but it was on a Friday... so odd. We always schedule our theater outings for Sunday nights. Not only that but I had no tix. Hmmmm. Finally she called the theater and confirmed that, yes, we did have tix for the show. Slowly it came back to both of us... it was my mom who had gotten the tix and they were for ME as my birthday gift back in May. Ugh. I'm glad she'd written it down or we would have completely missed it and that would have really sucked.

So, after a very long day for me (7am we left to go to DL, returned home at 2:30, dinner, G's dance class) we went to the show. It was at the local community theater. We had great seats and the performance, as always, was really good.

I read the book many years ago and had also seen the movie several times. Because of this I was quite familiar with the story about a black man falsely accused of attacking a white woman in the deep south in 1935. But, as is common with these things, each time you experience the story you take something different from it. Of course, the man is eventually convicted even though all the evidence makes it clear that he was innocent. Its a sad story and so interesting in many ways. First, 1935 is the year my mother was born. Second, its hard to believe that it really wasn't that long ago that the attitudes represented were commonplace and acceptable. I know that there are still inequities and that things aren't perfect in the world of race relations but seriously, from To Kill a Mockingbird to President Obama in only 70 odd years? Amazing. I won't be around to see what the world is like in another 77 yrs obviously but, wow!

Thanks for a great evening Mom!

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