Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Downtown Riverside photo shoot
Another one of my Groupons led me to a new photographer. These things are kind of crapshoot. They're very inexpensive but you don't really know what you're going to get! We arranged to meet the photog near the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside for 45 mins or so. The girl was young and very sweet. G, as always, LOVED having her picture taken. A few weeks later I received the CD in the mail.

Cute huh?
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Near the end of the shoot the photograper suggested/insisted that we take a couple of pix together. I wasn't prepared to have my picture taken and was looking a little grubby. Oddly enough, I like this one of the three of us :-)

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Elly Baraga said...

I absolutely LOVE the family picture! I haven't seen cousin Bobby in a long while. He looks great."G"has grown so much since I last saw her pic. (She was really little) what great pictures. She's adorable!